epic Q-EF LED

Aluminium profile, natural anodised. Surrounding shadow joint between housing and flat inserted film frame. Minimal dirt ingress via sealing lip between frame and housing. For ceiling cut-outs.
epic Q 1200 also suitable for ceilings with visible T-rails.

Lighting technology
Direct distribution. Aluminium profile set flush in the housing with translucent film for a homogenous appearance.
Light colour: 4000K. Optional: 3000K. Other light colours on request.

Electrical connection via three-pole or for dimmable luminaires, five-pole feed-in and connection terminal with plug-in technology, with integrated protective earth connection and unlocking button, suitable for rigid and flexible cables up to 2,5mm². Connection cable pre-mounted.

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Mounting on site or via wire suspension kit, to be ordered separately.
Extraction tool for removing the film frame, to be ordered separately.

Type Colour Psys Dimensions (LxWxH) Item number
epic Q600
epic Q600-88-EF LED 4800 840 DALI ana 47 630x630x96 6240606164 Download
epic Q600-88-EF LED 4800 840 ED ana 47 630x630x96 6240604164 Download
epic Q900
epic Q900-88-EF LED 9700 840 DALI ana 106 930x930x96 6240906164 Download
epic Q900-88-EF LED 9700 840 ED ana 106 930x930x96 6240904164 Download
epic Q1200
epic Q1200-88-EF LED 17100 840 DALI ana 189 1238x1238x103 6241206164 Download
epic Q1200-88-EF LED 17100 840 ED ana 189 1238x1238x103 6241204164 Download
epic Q1500
epic Q1500-88-EF LED 26200 840 DALI ana 296 1530x1530x103 6241506164 Download
epic Q1500-88-EF LED 26200 840 ED ana 296 1530x1530x103 6241504164 Download


Type Colour Details Article number
Wire suspension kit aen Wire suspension kit for epic R-EF and epic Q-EF to bare ceiling 6300000100 Download
epic Extractor tool (Set) aen Film frame extractor tool for epic R and epic Q 6300000110 Download